Computational Models of Aphasia

Welcome to Computational Models of Aphasia at the University of California, Irvine's Auditory & Language Neuroscience Lab!
This site draws much of its inspiration from the Aphasia Modeling Project.

This website provides statistical methods for applying the two-step, interactive model of lexical access to picture naming responses (Foygel & Dell, 2000).
Users may enter naming response frequencies to obtain Bayesian point and interval estimates of the S-weight and P-weight parameter values with the best fit, or users may enter S-weight and P-weight parameter values to obtain naming response probabilities.

Fit Data

This website uses a Metropolis-Hastings sampling algorithm to approximate the posterior distribution of weight parameters in a lexical network given data.
Weight parameters are assumed to lie on the interval [0, 0.04].

The sampling procedure can take up to 30 seconds to fit the data.

Please enter the observed counts of each response type:

Correct Semantic Formal Mixed Unrelated Nonword

Fitting Parameters Other Parameters
Random Seed Steps
Jump Sigma .05 Decay
Chains 2 Intrinsic Noise
Samples 50 Activation Noise
Burnin 20 Initial Activation
Jolt Activation
20% Mixed Error Opportunities

Run Model

This website uses numerical approximation of integrals to calculate response probabilities given lexical network parameters.

Please modify the parameters you wish, and select Run!
Note: Weight parameter values of 0.04 simulate the "normal" or "healthy" lexical network, and lower values simulate damage.

Weight Parameters Other Parameters
S-weight Steps
P-weight Decay
Intrinsic Noise
Activation Noise
Initial Activation
Jolt Activation
20% Mixed Error Opportunities


The SP Model Bayesian SP Model


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