What I Do to Relax

I very much enjoy traveling. As an academic, I discover that I have friends and acquaintances just about everywhere there is a research university. My only complaints are that there are so many marvelous places in the world to see that Sue and I will never have time to see them all (or even to go back to most of the ones we already fell in love with), and that to get anywhere far you have to travel there on a plane, and pretend to be a sardine.

I used to collect chess sets and folk art from the various places I visited, and I still have a very very large collection of chatchkas (most of which are in storage, since there is no room at the house to display them all). However, a few years back, Sue said (for the 103d time) that the house was already full to the brim (and with lots more in storage) so, if I brought anything more in, then there'd be no room for her. I finally realized that (a) she was right, and (b) there was some really nice folk art in storage that I had not seen for more than 30 years. I decided then that it probably didn't make sense to keep adding to my collections.

I also love to eat, especially when (a) the food is Italian or French, and (b) we order only one entrée to share between us, and Sue eats half the food so as to prevent me from becoming a blimp.

Some Folk Art I Own:

Some Chess Sets I Own:

Some Food Sue and/or I Have Eaten: