Google Chrome Remote Desktop for Mac install

Follow the directions below to install Google Chrome Remote Desktop for Mac

This will allow you to configure

Remote Support: get remote support by sharing your screen and allowing remote control of your computer by an IT member or other trusted persons

1. Google Chrome


-  Launch the Google Chrome web browser on the computer that you need support on

-  If not already installed, download and install Chrome from:


2. Google Chrome Remote Desktop


-  Navigate to and click [Share my screen]

-  Google will prompt you to sign in. Sign in using your G Suite account


3. Install the Extension


-  Click on the [download button] to be directed to the chrome web store

-  Click [add to Chrome]

-  Click [Add extension] to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in the Chrome web browser.


4. Install the Application


-  After step 3 Chrome will automatically download an application that needs to be installed (chromeremotedesktophost.dmg)

-  Click [Accept & Install] at the "Ready to install" prompt

-  Click [Yes] on the "Open download" prompt

-  Click on [Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg]

-  Complete the install steps on your Mac, providing admin credentials if prompted


Special Mac permissions

-  During next parts of setup the operating system will require special permissions to be enabled for Chrome Remote Desktop to work

-  These prompts will pop up and guide you to the correct permissions that need to be checked, but see the full list below:

-  System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility -> ChromeRemoteDesktopHost

-  System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility -> RemoteAssistanceHost

-  System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording -> ChromeRemoteDesktopHost



Using Remote Support


-  To get support navigate to

-  Sign In

-  Click [+ Generate Code]

-  Provide the code to the person who you are trusting to see your screen and control your computer

-  A generated code will expire after 5 minutes if a support connection is not established

-  Once a support connection is established a prompt will appear confirming you want to [Share]