Gregory Scontras

Greg Scontras

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Director
Department of Language Science
School of Social Sciences
University of California, Irvine
SSPB 2221

Here is a link to my CV.
Central to theories of natural language are speakers’ mental representations of the words they use, together with the ways these representations are employed in computing the meaning of the sentences that contain them. Identifying the mental representations of our speech and the computational system that manipulates them informs not just the cognitive underpinnings of language, but also how the mind works more generally. My work investigates these representations as a means to further our understanding of language and the psychological systems that shape it. Recent projects have focused on linguistic phenomena that appeal to or facilitate measurement, the role of context in ambiguity resolution, and the unique profiles of heritage speakers (i.e., unbalanced bilinguals).

Originally from Maine, I received my BA in Linguistics and in Philosophy from Boston University. I crossed the Charles River to join the Department of Linguistics at Harvard University, where I wrote my PhD thesis on the semantics of measurement in 2014. Then, I travelled a bit farther west, joining Noah Goodman’s Computation and Cognition Lab in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University. Now, I direct the meaning lab at UC Irvine.

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