A Few Random Links

There is a saying that econometricians are essentially statisticians who just happen to attach dollar signs to all of their regression results. There seems to be a fair amount of truth to it -- for this reason, I am delighted to have a courtesy appointment in the Department of Statistics, in addition to my regular appointment in the Department of Economics at UCI.

We have some very smart econometrics students here at UCI -- see our list of econometrics graduate student publications. These were all prior to graduation from UCI. A much longer list that includes student publications in all fields in economics and contains papers published even after graduation (as long as research was initiated while at UCI) is available here.

I used to go to Elite Fitness TKD for some occasional punishment. That was OK until I broke a foot in 2013. The recovery is taking some time, but I intend to start practicing again in the near future.

Some time ago, I took the challenge to run the San Francisco Marathon and eventually did so in 2008. I subsequently ran the Surf City Half-Marathon in Huntingon Beach in 2009. And because I love Cajun food and beignets, I also ran the New Orleans Marathon in 2011. I've had a few years of recovery from an injury to my foot and ankle, so running will hopefully be part of my life again.

Sailing can be a liberating experience. UCI has a wonderful sailing club, where I was a member for many years. My family and I now sail, or just cruise, on our own boat with family and friends.

A benefit of living in Southern California is that, in winter months, sailing can be complemented by skiing or snowboarding in the local mountains.

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