About SGSA

This is the official website for the Sociology Graduate Student Association at the University of California, Irvine.

Current Officers

2022-2023 Committee Members
     Canton Winer | cwiner@uci.edu   
     Joey Henry | josephlh@uci.edu   

 Graduate Application Committee:
     Isha Bhallamudi | isha.b@uci.edu   
     Semassa Boko | sboko@uci.edu   

 Faculty Committee Representatives:
     Zoe Miller-Vedam | zmillerv@uci.edu   
     Cherry Ji | zaoyingj@uci.edu   
     Leah Bayston (alternate) | lbayston@uci.edu   

 Welcoming Committee:
     Amy Liu | liuag1@uci.edu   
     Anna Wainwright | wainwrig@uci.edu   

 Social Events Committee:
     Lacey Wood | laceyw@uci.edu   

     Alex Maresca | amaresca@uci.edu   

 Undergrad Committee:
     Semassa Boko | sboko@uci.edu   

 Union Representative:
     Maxwell Roberts | maxweljr@uci.edu   

 Mentorship Committee:
     Caroline Martinez| caroligm@uci.edu   
     Mariela Villalba Madrid | villalbm@uci.edu   

2022-2023 Cohort Representatives
 2nd Year:
     Jenniffer Cecilia Perez Lopez | perezlj1@uci.edu   
     Julybeth Murillo | julybetm@uci.edu   

 3rd Year:
     Natalia Candelaria Gonzalez | natalcg1@uci.edu   
     Mariela Villalba Madrid | villalbm@uci.edu   

 5th Year (and above):
     Jeremiah Lawson | lawsonjs@uci.edu   
     Katelyn Malae | kmalae@uci.edu   

SGSA Position Descriptions

Click here for a list of SGSA positions.