Sunbelt XXV Preliminary Schedule

Schedule Framework
Regular Sessions
Special Sessions

The following is a preliminary schedule for Sunbelt XXV; please notify the program committee ( of any changes in title or authorship. We look forward to seeing you in February!

Schedule Framework

Thursday A B C D E F G

8:00 – 10:00 TH-A1 TH-B1 TH-C1 TH-D1.4 TH-E1 TH-F1 TH-G1
10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00 TH-A2 TH-B2 TH-C2 TH-D2 TH-E2 TH-F2 TH-G2
12:00 – 2:00 Halftime Sessions
2:00 – 3:30 TH-A3 TH-B3 TH-C3 TH-D3 TH-E3 TH-F3 TH-G3
3:30 – 4:00

4:00 – 5:30 Keynote Address

Friday A B C D E F G

8:00 – 10:00 FRI-A1 FRI-B1 FRI-C1 FRI-D1 FRI-E1 FRI-F1 FRI-G1
10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00 FRI-A2 FRI-B2 FRI-C2 FRI-D2 FRI-E2 FRI-F2 FRI-G2
12:00 – 2:00 Halftime Sessions
2:00 – 3:30 FRI-A3 FRI-B3 FRI-C3 FRI-D3 FRI-E3 FRI-F3 FRI-G3
3:30 – 4:00

4:00 – 5:30 Freeman Award Plenary
5:30 – 7:00 Software Demos

Saturday A B C D E F G

8:00 – 10:00 SAT-A1 SAT-B1 SAT-C1 SAT-D1 SAT-E1 SAT-F1 SAT-G1
10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00 SAT-A2 SAT-B2 SAT-C2 SAT-D2 SAT-E2 SAT-F2 SAT-G2
12:00 – 2:00 Halftime Sessions
2:00 – 3:30 SAT-A3 SAT-B3 SAT-C3 SAT-D3 SAT-E3 SAT-F3 SAT-G3
3:30 – 4:00

4:00 – 5:30 SAT-A4 SAT-B4 SAT-C4 SAT-D4 SAT-E4 SAT-F4 SAT-G4

Sunday A B C D E F G

8:00 – 10:00 SUN-A1 SUN-B1 SUN-C1 SUN-D1 SUN-E1 SUN-F1 SUN-G1
10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00 SUN-A2 SUN-B2 SUN-C2 SUN-D2 SUN-E2 SUN-F2 SUN-G2
12:00 – 2:00

Regular Sessions

Authors Title Session Day
Alan Hubbard, Joseph Eisenberg, James Trostle Applying Data Reduction Methods Borrowed From Bioinformatics To Social Network Data A1 Thurs
Itai Himelboim, Betsy Neibergall Anderson Two Methods For Finding Image Matrices: Using Random Graphs And Scree Plots To Identify Cut-Off Criteria In Blockmodeling Analysis A1 Thurs
Liu Jun The Blockmodel Approach To The Social Support Networks Of Fa Village. A1 Thurs
Joshua O'Madadhain, Padhraic Smyth Learning Predictive Models For Link Formation A2 Thurs
Michael Schweinberger, Tom A.B. Snijders New Developments In Random Effects Modeling For Dynamics Of Networks And Behavior A2 Thurs
Tom A.B. Snijders, Michael Schweinberger, Christian E.G. Steglich Statistical Methods For Analysing Dynamics Of Non-Directed Networks A2 Thurs
Aki Roberts, John M. Roberts, Jr. Informal Communication Between Police Agencies A3 Thurs
Peter V. Marsden, Nancy L. Keating Patterns Of Informal Consultation Among Primary Care Physicians A3 Thurs
Carter T. Butts, Miruna Petrescu-Prahova, Remy Cross Responder Communication Networks During The World Trade Center Disaster A3 Thurs
Olaf N. Rank Structural Patterns Of Corporate Governance Networks: The Case Of Germany B1 Thurs
Jonathon Mote The Formation And Evolution Of Interorganizational Experience: Venture Capital And Philadelphia, 1980-1999. B1 Thurs
Dong-Won Sohn The Network Effect On The Pay Norms Evolution In Korea B1 Thurs
Kostas Karantininis, Jesper T. Graversen The Network Form Of The Cooperative Organization: The Danish Pork Sector B1 Thurs
Popov V. Interlocking Directorate And Corporate Performance In The United Kingdom: An Insight Into The Structure Of Directorship Ties.” B2 Thurs
Emmanuel Lezega, Marie-Thrse Jourda,  Vallarie Pierre Multilevel network analysis:  on the relationship between individual and organizational forms of social capital B2 Thurs
Love Bohman Stock Repurchases And Inter-Firm Relations - A Case Study B2 Thurs
Danielle M Vogenbeck Longitudinal Study Of The Changes In Four Nonprofit Communities’ Social Network Structure Before And After Civic Service (Americorps) Interventions. B3 Thurs
Harold D. Green, Jr. The Structure Of Nonprofit Organizational Interactions: Initial Findings And Implications B3 Thurs
Betsy Neibergall Anderson, Itai Himelboim Using Structural Equivalence To Explore Cause-Related Partnerships Between Corporations And Nonprofits B3 Thurs
Cristina Broch, Giuseppe Pagani Do Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies (Cmct) Inhibit Integration? Evidence From American Students’ Experience In A Swiss University C1 Thurs
Sevgi Aral, Divya Patel, King K. Holmes, Betsy Foxman Formation And Characteristics Of Internet Assisted Friendship And Sex Networks C1 Thurs
Dominik Batorski, Paweł Kucharski Personal Networks On The Internet. C1 Thurs
Robert Faris, Susan Ennett, Karl Bauman Homophily Among Bullies: Influence Or Selection? C2 Thurs
Yu Connie Yuan, Helene Hembrooke, Geri Gay Homophily Of Network Ties In A Distributed Learning Community C2 Thurs
Daniel J. Hruschka Seeking To Emulate As A Factor In Making Friends C2 Thurs
Michael Stefanone, Geri Gay Instrumental Action And Locus Of Control: The Pursuit Of Social Capital C3 Thurs
Dawn T Robinson, Shirley A. Keeton Structural Predictors Of Identity Blending C3 Thurs
Christopher Mccarty, Harold D. Green, Jr. Personality And Personal Networks C3 Thurs
Noel A. Card, Todd D. Little, Ernest V. E. Hodges, Patricia H. Hawley Children’s Intra- and Inter-Gender Perceptions of Aggression and Social Status D1 Thurs
Andrea Knecht, Chris Baerveldt, Christian Steglich , Friendship And Delinquency In Early Adolescence. A Study Of Selection And Influence Processes. D1 Thurs
Colette L. Auerswald, Md, Ms, Eiko Sugano, Mph, Jonathan Ellen, Md Homelessness, Injection Drug Use, And Involvement In The Street Economy Differ In The Networks Of Youth In Different Stages Of Youth Homelessness D1 Thurs
Michele Mouttapa, Jennifer B. Unger, Steve Sussman, Tom Valente The Role Of Social Connections And Social Identity In School Violence D1 Thurs
Alden S. Klovdahl, Mark L. Williams, Joh S. Atkinson, Sandra C. Timpson Bridge Populations And Pathogen Spread: Men Who Have Sex With Men And Hiv Infection D2 Thurs
John M. Roberts, Jr., Devon D. Brewer, Stephen Q. Muth, John J. Potterat Prevalence Of Clients Of Prostitute Women In North America D2 Thurs
Devon D. Brewer, Daniel G. Sullivan, David R. Gretch, Holly Hagan, Eileen S. Hough Injection Network Structure And Genetic Relatedness Of HCV In Drug Injectors D3 Thurs
Rachel A. Smith, Daniel Morrison, and Kim Witte Stigma, Health Issues, And Social Networks: Social Support Or Avoiding A Courtesy Stigma In Namibia D3 Thurs
Lena Shah, Ann Jolly, John Wylie The Winnipeg Social Network Injection Drug Use Study: Personal Risk Networks And Risk Of Hepatitis C And HIV Infection D3 Thurs
Hyung Sam Park A Network Analysis Of The Environmental Social Movement Organizations In South Korea: Governance, Claim-Makings, And Participation E1 Thurs
Todd Malnick, D.B. Tindall Are Network Stars Media Stars? The Relationship Between Environmental Activist Ego-Network Characteristics And Media Citations. E1 Thurs
Dave Conz Citizen Technoscience: Internet Discussion Networks In The International Grassroots Biodiesel Fuel Movement E1 Thurs
Seung Joon Jun and George A. Barnett The Structure Of International Knowledge Network E1 Thurs
Jia Lin, Alex Halavais, Bin Zhang Blog Network In America E2 Thurs
Remy Cross, Carter Butts Blogging For Votes: An Examination Of The Interaction Between Weblogs And The Electoral Process E2 Thurs
John Paolillo, Elijah Wright, Sarah Mercure Mood, Music And Friends: Mapping The Culture Of LiveJournal E2 Thurs
Gregor Petrič, Phd A Liberating Potential Of The Information Organization In The Web: A Lost Opportunity? E3 Thurs
Peter Van Den Besselaar, Gaston Heimeriks Knowledge Networks And The WWW - A Multi Level Analysis E3 Thurs
Han Woo Park, Hyo Kim The Determinants Of Political Hyperlinking Behaviors: An Exploratory Study E3 Thurs
Marya Doerfel Assessing The Degree Of Cooperation-Competition With Network Analysis F1 Thurs
Jacob Dijkstra Exchange Networks With And Without Externalities: A Cooperative Game-Theoretical Approach F1 Thurs
David R. Schaefer Resource Variation And Power In Exchange Networks F1 Thurs
Dietrich Oberwittler Friendship Circles, Neighbourhoods And Schools: Linking And Disentangling Overlapping Ecological Contexts Of Juvenile Crime F2 Thurs
John R. Hipp Neighborhood Networks Of Social Distance: Do They Predict Neighborhood Satisfaction? F2 Thurs
George Tita, Katherine Faust Spaced Out: The Spatial Dimensions Of Social Networks F2 Thurs
Orjan Bodin, Jon Norberg Connectivity, Compartmentalization And Vulnerability Of Fragmented Landscapes – A Network-Centric Approach F3 Thurs
Julie M. Hite, Steven J. Hite, W. Joshua Rew, W. James Jacob Resource Networks Of Secondary School Headteachers In Mukono, Uganda: Implications For Resource Acquisition And School Performance F3 Thurs
Waldo Tobler Using Asymmetry To Estimate Influence Potential F3 Thurs
James Scott, James Trostle, William Cevallos, Betty Ayovi, Joseph Eisenberg Correlates At Community Levels Among Social Networks In Nine Villages Of Coastal Ecuador G1 Thurs
Dr Kaberi Gayen, Dr Robert Raeside Kinship Network And Contraception In Rural Bangladesh G1 Thurs
Barbara Entwisle, Katherine Faust, Ronald Rindfuss Network Change At Multiple Levels: Kinship And Helping Ties In Nang Rong, Thailand G1 Thurs
James Trostle, James Scott, William Cevallos, Betty Ayovi, Joseph Eisenberg Social Network Structure Among Nine Villages In Coastal Ecuador: Individual Characteristics Associated With Degree G1 Thurs
Alicia Saldívar-Garduño, Carlos César Contreras-Ibáñez Redes Sociales Y Comportamiento Preventivo Ante El VIH/SIDA En Mujeres Mexicanas G2 Thurs
Ma. Guadalupe Ramírez López, Ma. Guadalupe Ramírez Ortiz, Ramiro Caballero Hoyos Redes Sociales Y Conductas Alimentarias De Riesgo En Adolescentes De México G2 Thurs
Jose Ramiro Caballero Hoyos, Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Ortiz, Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Lopez Redes Sociales Y Practicas Sexuales De Riesgo, En Un Contexto Escolar De Preparatoria En Guadalajara, Mexico G2 Thurs
Carlos C. Contreras-Ibáñez, Verónica Zempoaltecatl Alonso Estableciendo Puentes Entre Pradigmas: Identidad Social Y Estructura De Red En Grupos Deportivos Pequeños. G3 Thurs
Ramirez Ortiz Maria Guadalupe, Jose Ramiro Caballero Hoyos, Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Lopez Redes Sociales Y Consumo De Drogas Ilegales En Estudiantes De Bachillerato De Estrato Socioeconómico Marginado De Guadalajara México. G3 Thurs
Jose Ramiro Caballero Hoyos, Teresa Margarita Torres Lopez, Raquel Fosados, Thomas Valente, Alicia Pineda Lucatero, Carlos Navarro Redes Sociales Y Riesgo De ITS/VIH En Migrantes De Dos Contextos Urbanos De México. G3 Thurs
Bettina Hoser, Andreas Geyer-Schulz Analysis Of Bipartite Graphs By Eigensystem Analysis Of A Complex Hermitian Adjacency Matrix A1 Fri
Katherine Stovel, Christine Fountain, Yen-Sheng Chiang , Beyond Triangles: The Importance Of Diamonds In Networks A1 Fri
Kenneth A. Frank, Sam Field, Kathryn S. Schiller, Chandra Muller, Catherine Reigle Crumb Identifying Social Contexts In Affiliation Networks: Preserving The Duality Of People And Events A1 Fri
John P. Boyd, William J. Fitzgerald, Robert J. Beck Computing Core/Periphery Structures And Permutation Tests For Social Relations Data A1 Fri
Mark S. Handcock, David R. Hunter Curved Exponential Family Models For Networks A2 Fri
Marijtje A.J. Van Duijn, Bonne J.H. Zijlstra Goodness-Of-Fit Statistics For The p2 Model A2 Fri
Silvia Swigert, Michael Francis Johnston Power In p-Star: Density And Multiple Covariates A2 Fri
Omar Lizardo Multiple Group And Latent Association Models For Ego-Network Data A3 Fri
Anna Goldenberg, Andrew Moore Scalable Bayesian Networks To Detect Relationships Among Actorsusing Events Data A3 Fri
Matthew E. Brashears Sex, Society, And Association Revisited: A Report On New Research Into Cross-National Variation In Sex Homophily A3 Fri
Marko Pahor, Monika Lisjak, Nataša Zdouc, Matjaž Dlesk Indentifying Communities Of Practice (Cops) In Practice B1 Fri
Jeffrey C. Johnson, Stephen P. Borgatti Analysis Of Voting Patterns In U.S. Supreme Court Decisions B1 Fri
Anthony Paik Networks Of Collective Practice: Joint Participation Of Notable Conservative Lawyers In Supreme Court Cases B1 Fri
Christine Avenarius, Duran Bell, Zhao Xudong, Liang Yongjia Social Networks, Wealth Accumulation, And Dispute Resolution In Rural China B1 Fri
Bruce Cronin Profitable Connections? A Longitudinal Study Of The Impact Of Directorate Interlocks On The Profitability Of New Zealand Firms. B2 Fri
Adam Tatarynowicz Technological Base And The Evolution Of Complex Learning Networks: An Agent-Based Simulation B2 Fri
Maurits De Klepper, Peter Groenewegen, Gerhard V.D. Bunt The Dynamics Of Inter-Firm Networks: Effects Of Changing External Conditions networks In Genomics From 1998 To 2003 B2 Fri
Martha A. Martinez Does Social Capital Fit? Matching Job Characteristics To Social Capital Levels In Chinese Organizations. B3 Fri
Nan Lin Social Capital in Organizations B3 Fri
Ray-May Hsung Social Capital, Intellectual Capital And Promotion: The Mobility From Engineers To Managers In High-Tech Firms Social Capital, Intellectual Capital, And Promotion: The Mobility From Engineers To Managers In Taiwan High-Tech Firms B3 Fri
Joonmo Son, Nan Lin Social Capital And Voluntary Actions: Network-Based Approach On Civic Engagement C1 Fri
Léan Mcmahon Social Capital And Voluntary Activity: Cross-National European Variations C1 Fri
Christopher Weare, William Loges, Nail Oztas The Effects Of Email Communications On The Cohesion And Democrat Character Of Local Voluntary Associations: The Case Of Neighborhood Councils In Los Angeles C1 Fri
Rochelle R. Côté, Bonnie Erickson Untangling The Roots Of Tolerance: How Networks, Voluntary Associations, And Personal Attributes Shape Attitudes Toward Ethnic Minorities And Immigrants C1 Fri
Wouter De Nooy Stories, Scripts, Networks C2 Fri
Kate Coronges, Thomas W. Valente, Alan W. Stacy Structural Comparison Of Cognitive Associative Networks In Two Populations C2 Fri
Danielle De Lange , Filip Agneessens , Hans Waege The Influence Of Perceiver, Sender And Receiver Characteristics On Informant Accuracy C2 Fri
Joanne Innes, Brendan Bunting, Vivien Coates Adaptation To Childhood Diabetes- The Structure And Characteristics Of Parental Social Networks. C3 Fri
Irina Shklovski, Jonathon N Cummings, Robert Kraut Moving On: The Importance Of Weak Ties For Adjusting To A New Location C3 Fri
Johanne Saint-Charles, Ginette Brûlotte Social Support, Social Capital And Access To Information For Parents Of Heavily Handicapped Children C3 Fri
Claire Gubbins, Sarah Maccurtain, Dr. Thomas N. Garavan Exploring The Role Of Trust In Social Networks: A Focus On Top Management Teams And Innovation D1 Fri
Ulrik Brandes, Petru Curseu, Gabi Dorfmüller, Marco Gaertler, Patrick Kenis, Jörg Raab Teamdating: Does Speed Dating Generalize To Effective Teams? D1 Fri
Bob Kijkuit, Jan Van Den Ende The Organizational Life Of An Idea: The Role Of Bridges And Alleys On The Creation, Development And Success Of New Ideas In R&D Labs D1 Fri
Jan Kratzer, R.T.A.J. Leenders, J.M. Van Engelen The Structural Bases Of Leadership In New Product Development Teams D1 Fri
Caroline M. Fichtenberg, Jonathan M. Ellen Adolescent Sexual Network Structure And Composition And Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Infections D2 Fri
Colette Auerswald, Md, Ms, Stephen Q. Muth, Ba, Beth Brown, Ms, Nancy Padian, Phd, Jonathan Ellen, Md Sex Differences In Partner Characteristics And STI Risk Among Economically Disadvantaged African American Adolescents D2 Fri
Valencia P Remple, Ann M Jolly, Caitlin Johnston, David M Patrick, Mark W. Tyndall Sexual Contact Networks Of Massage Parlour-Based Commercial Sex Workers D2 Fri
Patricia Sulaiman, Dr. John Wylie Correlates Of Needle Sharing Among Winnipeg Injection Drug Users D3 Fri
Cynthia Lakon, Susan T. Ennett Relationships Between Injection Drug User Network Characteristics Among High Risk Youth And Young Adults D3 Fri
Elizabeth Costenbader, Nan Astone, Carl Latkin The Dynamics Of Injection Drug Users’ Personal Networks And HIV-Risk Behaviors D3 Fri
Peter Welsch, Howard Rosenbaum Revolutionary Vanguard Or Echo Chamber? Political Blogs And The Mainstream Media E1 Fri
Susan Herring, Inna Kouper, Sarah Mercure, John Paolillo, Lois Ann Scheidt, Peter Welsch, Elijah Wright Social Network Dynamics In The Blogosphere E1 Fri
Patrick Wagstrom Social Structure From Free/Open Source Weblogs E1 Fri
Eytan Adar, Li Zhang, Lada Adamic, Rajan Lukose Tracking Information Flow In Blogspace E1 Fri
Yutaka Matsuo, Junichiro Mori, Yohei Asada, Koiti Hasida, Mitsuru Ishizuka Mining Large-Scale Social Network Of Researcher From The Web E2 Fri
Americo Cicchetti, Filippo E. Leone, Daniele Mascia Scientific Production And Network Structure: A Blockmodel Study Of A Biomedical Research Community In A Teaching Hospital E2 Fri
Chaomei Chen, Yunan Chen, Jasna Kuljis Where Do Co-Author Networks And Co-Citation Networks Differ?- A Study Of The Evolution Of Social Network Analysis (1990-2004) E2 Fri
Christian Gulas, Dr. Harald Katzmair Science Under Political And Economic Pressure - The Affiliation Network Of The University Councils In Austria E3 Fri
Peter Mika, Tom Elfring, Gerhard Van De Bunt The Art Of Consensus: The Role Of Networks In Setting Recommendations At The World Wide Web Consortium E3 Fri
Zack Kertcher, Benjamin Cornwell Theoretical Structures In Social Network Research E3 Fri
Ben Derudder, Frank Witlox, Peter J. Taylor Appraisal And Comparison Of Data Sources In The Study Of Global Inter-City Relations. F1 Fri
Chris Chase-Dunn, Tom Reifer, Shoon Lio, Chris Schmitt, Anders Carlson, Richard Niemeyer Changing Contours Of Global Integration Since 1840 F1 Fri
Frank Witlox, Ben Derudder Evaluating The Use Of Air Passenger Transport Flows In Assessing The World City Network F1 Fri
Matthew C Mahutga, David A. Smith Globalization—Obeying The World-System Or Changing It?: A Network Analysis Of International Trade, 1965-2000. F1 Fri
David A. Smith, Michael F. Timberlake Inter-Urban Links & Flows: The Contemporary Global City Network F2 Fri
Seung Joon Jun, George A. Barnett The Structure Of International Open Source Movement Network F2 Fri
Douglas R. White World-System Network Dynamics In The Early Renaissance F2 Fri
Lothar Krempel Poor Countries And Global Tourism F3 Fri
Emily A. Erikson, Peter S. Bearman Routes Into Networks: The Structure Of The English Trade In The East Indies, 1601-1833 F3 Fri
Phillip Bonacich Social And Economic Exchange Are Opposites, Or Are They? G1 Fri
Yuval Kalish, Garry Robins Balance Theory Revisited: Negative Ties, Social Settings, And Tie Strength G1 Fri
Pierre Mongeau, Johanne Saint-Charles, Jean-François Biron Ego Networks And Compulsive Gambling G1 Fri
Zhigang Wang The Development Of First Year University Students’ Personal Friendship Networks G1 Fri
Charles Kirschbaum Blockmodeling Jazz Evolution: Style Emergence From 1930 To 1969 G2 Fri
David Birchfield, Miranda Zent, Hari Sundaram Small-Scale Network Modeling For Interdisciplinary Collaborative Art Projects G2 Fri
Valery Yakubovich, Sasha Goodman Who Chats In A Chatroom? G2 Fri
Chris Baerveldt, Ronan Van Rossem, Gerhard Van De Bunt, Marjolijn Vermande, Christian Steglich An Introduction And A Test Of Selection Strategy Theory. The Effect Of Network Configurations On The Way High School Freshmen Choose New Friends. G3 Fri
Christian Steglich, Tom A,B,Snijders, Michael Pearson, Andrea Knecht Analyzing Network-Behavioral Co-Evolution With SIENA G3 Fri
Anthony Smith, Murray Couch, Jeffrey Grierson, Marian Pitts, David Wain Social Influence, Social Selection And Gay Men's Behaviour: Do Social Sanctions Play A Role? G3 Fri
Steven R. Corman, Kevin J. Dooley, John Parsons A Reality Show For Network Geeks: Software Factory And The Quest For The Ultimate Dataset A1 Sat
David C. Bell, Tabitha Serrano, Cheryl A. Dayton-Shotts Comparing Sampling Designs For A Hidden Population A1 Sat
Casey Borch, Robert S. Broadhead, Douglas D. Heckathorn The Social Networks Of Injecting Drug Users In Two Russian Cities: Using Respondent Driven Sampling To Generate Valid Estimates Of A Hidden Population A1 Sat
Jimi Adams, James Moody “To Tell The Truth”: Measuring Concordance In Multiply Reported Network Data A1 Sat
Max Ruhri, Juergen Pfeffer, Harald Katzmair Calculating Line Centrality Measures By Transforming Edges Into Nodes A2 Sat
Daniel Fleischer, Ulrik Brandes Understanding Information Centrality A2 Sat
Nikola S. Nikolov, Seok-Hee Hong Uniqueness Centrality A2 Sat
John P. Boyd, Kai J. Jonas Irregular Equivalence: Testing For Regularity V. Dispersion On Clusters Of Social Relations A3 Sat
Scott Feld, Michael Harrison Distributions of Contribution to The Social Networks ListServ A3 Sat
Martin Everett, Steve Borgatti Why Are Networks The Shape They Are? A3 Sat
Bonne J.H. Zijlstra, Marijtje A.J. Van Duijn A Multiplex p2 Model A4 Sat
Maurits De Klepper, Gerhard Van De Bunt, Peter Groenewegen , Multiplexity In Network Research A4 Sat
Fabio Fonti When One Relationship Is Not Enough: Toward A Theory Of Multiplex Embeddedness A4 Sat
Nan Lin, Shanhui Wu Double Jeopardy For Whom?-Intersection Of Gender And Race And Social Capital Inequality In Job Search B1 Sat
Dan Ao Measuring the degree of homophily of individual social capital B1 Sat
Dr Kaberi Gayen, Dr Robert Raeside The Influence Of Social Networks On The Employment Of The Eldrely B1 Sat
Markku Jokisaari, Jari-Erik Nurmi The Role Of Goal-Relevant Social Ties In Changes In Salary And Job Satisfaction Among Graduates B1 Sat
Ramnath Chellappa, Nilesh Saraf A Social Network Analysis Of Alliances In The Enterprise Software Systems Industry B2 Sat
D.W. Van Liere, O.R. Koppius Expanding Your Horizon: The Impact Of Network Horizon On Network Structure B2 Sat
Peter Mika, Tom Elfring, Peter Groenewegen, Yutaka Matsuo Shoulders To Stand On: Network Analysis Of The Semantic Web Community B2 Sat
James A Danowski, Ken Riopelle, Julia Gluesing, Scott Blow, Mark Ferencz, Fred Hallway Organizational Communication Networks And Manufacturing Plant Productivity B3 Sat
David Obstfeld Predicting Organizational Innovation: Social Network Brokerage, Knowledge, And The Tertius Iungens Orientation B3 Sat
William B. Stevenson, Robert F. Radin Social Capital Within The Board Of Directors B3 Sat
Daniele Mascia, Vanina Torlò How Does Network Centrality Affect Strategic Assets Acquisition? Evidence From Soccer B4 Sat
Nina Bandelj Networks, Culture Or Politics? Sociological Approaches To Markets B4 Sat
Otto Koppius The Evolution Of New Entrant's Trading Networks In A Market B4 Sat
Doris Spielthenner, Max Ruhri, Harald Katzmair, Christian Gulas, Jürgen Pfeffer, Structures Of Power Landscapes By The Example Of A Large Real Data Network. (Austria’s Elite Network) C1 Sat
Itai Himelboim, Shawn M. Lavelle Online Discussions As Networks: The Relations Between Topic Of Usenet Groups And Their Structure C1 Sat
Lisa J. Greenman Social Space In Cyberspace: Social Networking Through Online Communities C1 Sat
Gina Neff The Constitution Of Creative Industries: Business Networking Events In The Development Of The Internet Industry C1 Sat
John Skvoretz Attraction Vs. Repulsion As A Basis For Homophily C2 Sat
Miruna Petrescu-Prahova Friendship Among Graduate Students: A Social Network Approach C2 Sat
Deirdre M. Kirke Gender Differences In Friendship Patterns C2 Sat
Angela Jäger The Impact Of Personal Core Networks On Attitudes Towards Immigrants In Germany C3 Sat
Tiziana Casciaro, Miguel Sousa Lobo Toward An Affective Theory Of Instrumental Ties C3 Sat
Lijun Song When Institutions Meet Networks: Educational Homogamy In China C3 Sat
Alan Neaigus, V. Anna Gyarmathy, Anne M. Lovell, Vera Frajzyngier Infection discordant injecting dyads and HIV/HCV injecting risk among young drug injectors in New York City and Marseilles. C4 Sat
Samuel R. Friedman, Melissa Bolyard, Carey Maslow, Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Milagros Sandoval, Risk Networks, Infectious Diseases, Social Norms, Risk Behaviors And Health Activism “Intravention” C4 Sat
V. Anna Gyarmathy and Alan Neaigus Marginalized and socially integrated groups of IDUs in Hungary potential bridges of HIV infection C4 Sat
Carl Latkin, David Leighton Howard Correlates Of Having Injection Drug Users As Sexual Network Members D1 Sat
Andrew J. Seary, William D. Richards Familial Clustering In Colorectal Cancer: Extension Of Analytic Methods D1 Sat
Operskalski, Eva, Valente, Thomas, Kovacs, Andrea, Zogg, Jennifer The Hiv Vaccine Preparedness Study D1 Sat
Linda Pelude, John Wylie, Ann Jolly Are Drug-Using Networks Formed By Injection Drug Users (IDUs) Truly Random? D2 Sat
Matthew C. Vernon, Cerian R. Webb, M. Fred Heath Preliminary Analysis Of The Contact Structure Of The UK Cattle Herd D2 Sat
Emily Meadows, John L. Wylie, Ann M. Jolly Sexually Transmitted Infection Networks In Manitoba, Canada, 2002-2003 D2 Sat
Beth R. Hoffman, Thomas W. Valente Effects Of Peer Influence, Peer Selection, Ethnicity And Gender On Adolescent Smoking D3 Sat
Anthony Paik, Christabel Rogalin Friends And Lovers: Racial Homophily In The Social And Sexual Networks Of American Adolescents D3 Sat
Jennifer Glanville Network Intergenerational Closure And Academic Achievement D3 Sat
Vanina Torlò, Silvia Profili, Alessandro Lomi A Relational Approach To Individual Performance: Evidences From A Study Of An MBA Program D4 Sat
Jordi Comas Learning Cliques: Balancing Exploitation And Exploration As A Network Problem D4 Sat
Susan Lynch, Bjorn Lovas Reversing The Flow Of Influence: Networks, Power And Resistance To Organizational Change D4 Sat
Maren Friesen A Simple Model Of Coalition Formation In Ideologically Heterogeneous Groups E1 Sat
David Lazer, Allan Friedman Congressional Connections: The Diffusion Of An Innovation Among Members Of Congress E1 Sat
Michele Simoni, Adam Tatarynowicz, Gianluca Vagnani Does Innovation Affect Social Structures? A Study Of The Joint Dynamics Of Networks And Technology Diffusion E1 Sat
Harald Katzmair, Juergen Pfeffer Social Capital Management By Means Of Agent Based Simulation Modellingwhat Is The Best Networking Strategy To Improve One’S Position In A Distributed Resource Network? E1 Sat
Giuseppe Sardone Methods For The Identification Of Communities Of Practice From Email Logs: A Critical Overview E2 Sat
Nathaniel Bulkley, Marshall Van Alstyne Strategies And Efficiencies In Organizational Email Networks E2 Sat
Danyel Fisher, Paul Dourish Structural Information From Email Networks Enhances The Collaborative Workspace E2 Sat
Jc Wang, Jong-Chang Ho Knowing Who To Know In Knowledge Sharing Virtual Communities: Use Of Structural Roles Information And Social Network Analysis E3 Sat
Inga Carboni, Kate Ehrlich, David Millen , Social Structure And Perception Of Informational Diversity E3 Sat
Beatrice Crona, Örjan Bodin What You Know Is Who You Know–Patterns Of Relations And Ecological Knowledge Distribution Among Small-Scale Fisherfolk In An East African Village E3 Sat
Binz-Scharf, Maria C., Lazer, David Searching For Answers: Tracing The Paths Of Knowledge In A Dispersed Community E4 Sat
Filip Agneessens, Daniëlle De Lange, Hans Waege The Importance Of Social Capital For Research Performance In Teams At University: The Social Resources Of Ties E4 Sat
Yuliani Suseno, Dr Ashly Pinnington, Dr John Gardner The Relationships Between Social Capital, Knowledge Acquisition And Relationship Outcomes In Professional-Client Networks E4 Sat
Roth, Camille G., Bourgine, Paul Dynamics Of Galois Lattices: The Case Of Epistemic Communities F1 Sat
Nathan Eagle, David M. J. Lazer, Alex (Sandy) Pentland Sensing Social Network Evolution F1 Sat
Matthew C. Mahutga “Quantifying Change In And Of Core-Periphery Structures With Correspondence Analysis: An Application To International Trade.” F1 Sat
Soong Moon Kang Constancy: A Measure Of Network Dynamics In Bipartite Graphs F1 Sat
Elenna R. Dugundji, Joan L. Walker Discrete Choice With Social And Spatial Network Interdependencies F2 Sat
Jonathon N Cummings, Tanu Ghosh Teams As Networks In A Connected Organization: The Critical Role Of Geographic Dispersion F2 Sat
Sarah Bates, James Trostle, William Cevallos, Betty Ayovi, Joseph Eisenberg, The Effects Of Physical Space On Social Networks: Correlations Of Sociometric And Geographic Data From Coastal Ecuador F2 Sat
Dean Lusher, Garry Robins, Peter Kremer , Individual And Team Attitudes Towards Women In Elite Level All-Male Sporting Teams F3 Sat
Alan Reifman Network Analysis Of Basketball Passing Patterns F3 Sat
Jegoo Lee, Stephen P. Borgatti, Jose Luis Molina, Juan J. Merelo Guervos Who Passes To Whom: Analysis Of Optimal Network Structure In Soccer Matches F3 Sat
Michael Dreiling, Derek Darves Corporate Networks And Global Trade Regimes: Fortune 500 Firms In The U.S. Trade Policy Formation Process F4 Sat
Young-Choon Kim Regional Stratification In The “New Economy”: Analyses Of The Inter-Regional Venture Capital Investments F4 Sat
George A. Barnett, Jang Hyun Kim The Structure International Conflict--1993-2001 F4 Sat
Katharina A. Lehmann, Hendrik Post, Michael Kaufmann A Dynamic Model For Small Worlds G1 Sat
Mike Pearson Equilibrium And Evolution In Supply Chain And Social Networks G1 Sat
Meredith Rolfe Interrogating The Usual Suspects: Social Networks, Education And Voter Turnout G1 Sat
Joesph F. Cabrera The Origins Of Network Integration: A Simulation Study G1 Sat
Dale Hanson, David Durreheim, Reinhold Muller Assessing The Growth And Structure Of A Community Based Safety Promotion Network. G2 Sat
Wendy Janssens Collective Action And Social Capital In Rural India G2 Sat
Nail Oztas, Ph.D., Chris Weare Ph.D., Julit A. Musso Ph.D. Neighborhood Network Structure Of Social Capital:An Analysis Of The Los Angeles Experiment G2 Sat
Harry J. Van Buren Iii A Model And Exploration Of Within-Groups Social Capital G3 Sat
Gerhard Van De Bunt, Rafael Wittek, Maurits De Klepper The Evolution Of Intra-Organizational Trust Networks: An Empirical Test Of Four Theoretical Trust Mechanisms G3 Sat
Luo, Jar-Der Toward A Theory Of Trust In Chinese Organizations G3 Sat
Riku Nikkilä Brokerage Roles And Job Control G4 Sat
Giuseppe Labianca, Daniel J. Brass, David Krackhardt Extending The Social Ledger: Negative Relationships In Workplace Social Networks G4 Sat
Valery Yakubovich, Dana Lup Hiring On The Internet: Do Referrals Matter? G4 Sat
Aram Galstyan, Paul Cohen Iterative Algorithm For Node Classification In Social Networks A1 Sun
David Dekker Measures For Simmelian Broker Positions A1 Sun
Naushaba Degani, Dr. Peggy Millson Measures Of Closeness Amongst Toronto Injection Drug Users A1 Sun
Juergen Lerner, Ulrik Brandes Significant And Stable Role Assignments A1 Sun
Silvia Snidero, Bruno Morra, Roberto Corradetti, Dario Gregori Estimating The Number Of Foreign Bodies Injuries In Childhood With The Scale-Up Method A2 Sun
Lluis Coromina, Jaume Guia, Germa Coenders , Social Network Measures For “Nosduocentered” Networks, Their Predictive Power On Performance A2 Sun
Dr. Mahbub Rashid, Dr. Craig Zimring Individual Work Styles, Intra-Organization Networks, And Perceived Work Place Satisfaction B1 Sun
Ronald E. Rice, Jennifer Lehr Organizational Cross-Unit Communication: The Influence Of Media Choice And Unit Network Position On Communication Satisfaction, Timeliness And Effectiveness B1 Sun
Craig Schreiber, Kathleen M. Carley The Indirect Effect Of Leadership Style On The Task Dependency Network And Group Performance B1 Sun
Maksim Tsvetovat, Kathleen M. Carley Towards An Extensible, Consistent Semantics Of Social Network Data B1 Sun
Henning Hillmann Emergent Role Structures In Economic Networks: Evidence From Overseas Trade Investment In Early Modern England B2 Sun
Tobias Mueller-Prothmann Entrepreneurship In The Knowledge Society: Analysis Of Entrepreneurial Network Evolution B2 Sun
Kristie Hansen, Dimitris Assimakopoulos Social Network Analysis As A Tool For Intra Organizational Development In An Aerospace Project Team Over Time And Role Commitment. B2 Sun
Ines Mergel, Maria Christina Binz-Scharf, David Lazer Going The Extra Mile: Engaging In Voluntary Knowledge Sharing In Communities Of Practice C1 Sun
Anabel Quan-Haase, Barry Wellman How Computer-Mediated Hyperconnectivity And Local Virtuality Foster Social Networks Of Information And Coordination In A Community Of Practice C1 Sun
Doug Rush Supporting Communities Of Practice With Social Network Analysis C1 Sun
Allan Clifton, Eric Turkheimer, Thomas F. Oltmanns Improving Personality Disorder Assessment Through Social Network Analysis D1 Sun
Arul Chib, Kim Witte, Rachel Smith Network Patterns In HIV/AIDS Prevalent Communities: Oshikuku, Namibia D1 Sun
Valerie A. Haines, John J. Beggs, Jeanne S. Hurlbert Social Capital And Self-Reported Health D1 Sun
Peter Mendel, Gery Ryan, Devon Brewer, Paul Koegel Cross-Sector Networks Of Care For Multiple Health Morbidities: Service Landscapes For Persons With Hiv And Severe Mental Illness In Los Angeles And New York D2 Sun
Valente, Thomas, Pentz, Mary Ann, Chou, Chih-Ping Mediating Role Of Network Density On The Effectiveness Of A Satellite TV Training Program D2 Sun
Ben Shaw Design Team Interaction: Toward An Actor-Discourse Network Representation E1 Sun
Marc A. Smith, Danyel Fisher Social Network Visualizations Of Usenet Newsgroups E1 Sun
Daniel A. McFarland, Skye Bender-deMoll Network Dynamics of Organizational Routines E1 Sun
Paulette Lloyd, Jim Blythe, Jan de Leeuw, and Cathleen Mc Grath Visualizing Signed Networks: An Exploration With Correlations In Voting On UN Resolutions E1 Sun
Mary C. Still Spreading Disparate Ideas Among The American Business Community: How, When And What Kinds Of Networks Matter E2 Sun
Robert Aunger, Rajinder Balaraman The Diffusion Of An Innovation Through A Technological Network E2 Sun
Ines Meregl What Are We Talking About? Multiplex Network Relationships In The Diffusion Of Elearning Practices E2 Sun
David Jarvis A Methodology For Analyzing Complex Military Command And Control Networks F1 Sun
Elisa Jayne Bienenstock , Marc Sageman Operationalizing Terror In The Name Of God: Using Two-Mode Networks To Link Terrorism To Islamic Institutions F1 Sun
Jana Diesner, Kathleen M. Carley Revealing And Comparing The Organizational Structure Of Covert Networks With Network Text Analysis F1 Sun
Josep A. Rodriguez The March 11Th Terrorist Network: In Its Weakness Lies Its Strength F1 Sun
John Graham, Kathleen M. Carley Linking Networks And Cognition: An Automated Structural Approach To Assessing Teams Cognition F2 Sun
Marco Aurelio Ruediger The Social Construction Of Public Policies And The Role Of Elites And Governamental Spaces In The Definition And Effectiveness Of Public Agendas F2 Sun
Steven Casper Career Affiliation Networks And Industry Evolution: The Emergence Of Self-Sustaining Biotechnology Clusters G1 Sun
Sebastian Schnorf Like Text To Likes: Diffusion-Networks In Mobile Communication G1 Sun
Jo Holliday, Laurence Moore, Rona Campbell, Fenella Starkey, Suzanne Audrey, Nina Parry-Langdon The Assist Intervention: Successfully Harnessing Informal Social Networks To Reduce Adolescent Smoking G1 Sun
Thomas Valente, Peter Busse Usc School Of Dentistry Workflow Project G1 Sun
Kathleen M. Carley, Terrill Frantz, Jana Diesner, George Davis Groups: Surface And Deep Structure G2 Sun
Olga Mayorova, Gwen Moore Elite Women: An Analysis Of The National Network Of Interlocking Directorates G2 Sun
Joseph Galaskiewicz, Olga Mayorova, Beth Duckles Studying The Shifting Ecology Of Consumption: A Study Of Youth Services In Phoenix-Mesa From Sunup To Sundown G2 Sun

Special Sessions

Note: A full listing of participants for all halftime sessions will appear in the final program.

Halftime Sessions
Organizer Title Day
Martina Morris Recent Developments in Exponential Random Graph (p*) Models Thurs
Dan Wohlfeiler Workshop: Interactive Exercises for Training Network Concepts Thurs
Vladimir Batagelj Viszards: Analysis and Visualization of KEDS Networks Sat
Charles Kadushin Panel on Informal Networks within Formal Organizations Sat
Dan Wohlfeiler Putting Network Theory into Practice to Reduce Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in California: Successes and Challenges Sat
Pat Doreian Advances in Generalized Blockmodeling Fri
Barry Wellman Personal Network Methods Fri

Software Demonstration Sessions
Author Title Day
Aram Sinnreich, Arul Chib, Jesse Gilbert Modeling Information Equality: A Real-World Networks Simulation Fri
Daniel A. Mcfarland The Art And Science Of Dynamic Network Visualization Fri
Eytan Adar, David S. Feinberg Exploratory Data Analysis through the Graph Exploration System (GUESS) Fri
Ghi-Hoon Ghim Using NetMiner for Social Network Analysis Fri
Jim Blythe, Cathleen McGrath Interactive Visualizations of Dynamic Networks Fri
Joe K. Woelfel, Hao Chen, Pauline Hope Cheong, Jennie Hwang, Raymond Hsieh and Devon Rosen Wolfpak: A Neural Network for Multilingual Text Analysis Fri
Joshua O'Madadhain, Danyel Fisher, Padhraic Smyth, Scott White JUNG: A Software Library for Social Network Analysis Fri
Junichiro Mori, Tatsuhiko Sugiyama, Yutaka Matsuo, Hironori Tomobe, Mitsuru Ishizuak Real-world Oriented Information Sharing Using Social Network Fri
Katy Borner InfoVis Cyberinfrastructure Fri
Peter A. Gloor Borrowing from Computer Music to Describe Temporal Aspects of Social Networks Fri
Tim Dwyer, Xiaoyan Fu, Seok-Hee Hong, Nikola Nikolov, Kai Xu Visualisation and Analysis of Large and Complex Networks Using GEOMI Fri

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