March 3rd


Vision, Attention,
Memory, and Applications

A Conference At The
University Of California Irvine
In Honor Of George Sperling


Charlie Chubb, Barbara Dosher, Zhong-Lin Lu,
Misha Pavel, Richard Shiffrin

Dates & Location:

July 28-29, 2007
University of California, Irvine
2112 Social Sciences Plaza A
Irvine, CA 92617-5100

University of California Irvine
UCI School of Social Science


Registration Info
Please register. The conference is open for attendance by faculty and students for a registration fee of $35. Due to the on-campus site and weekend timing, coffee breaks and box lunches will be provided to pre-registered attendees.

Graduate Students
Several registration scholarships may be available for graduate students. Please contact L. Haines ( to request support.