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fsQCA now includes ANALYTIC INDUCTION, beginning with version 4.1. See my OPEN ACCESS book, Analytic Induction for Social Research (University of California, August 2023). A brief overview of the procedure is available here

Notes on updating to fsQCA 4.1:

The current version of the fsQCA software (version 4.1) for Windows may require that you install the redistributable files for Visual Studio 2022. (The error message when you try to run fsQCA 4.1, after installing it, is that a file is missing.)

Go to Visual Studios Downloads (scroll down) and click on 'Other Tools and Frameworks.' Next to 'Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2022,' click 'x86' and then 'Download.' After installing the redistributable files, fsQCA 4.1 for Windows should start normally.

The current version of the fsQCA software (version 4.1) for MAC may require an updated MAC OS, to High Sierra 10.13.6 or more recent. After you update MAC OS, fsQCA 4.1 should start normally.

fsQCA 3.0 manual is now available in CHINESE fsQCA Manual Chinese

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be able to read the fs/QCA manual in the PDF format.

Version date fsQCA 4.1: June 2023.

Version date fsQCA 3.0 manual: December, 2017 (revisions in progress).

PLEASE consult my book, Redesigning Social Inquiry (University of Chicago Press, 2008):

1. Description of the "fuzzy-set truth-table" procedure: see chapter 7 of Redesigning Social Inquiry.

2. How to interpret the solutions produced by the "Standard Analysis" button in the truth table procedure (both crisp and fuzzy). See Redesigning Social Inquiry, chapters 8 and 9.

3. How to "calibrate" fuzzy sets using interval-scale variables. See chapters 4 and 5 of Redesigning Social Inquiry.

4. How "consistency and coverage" are calculated and how to interpret these measures. See chapter 3 of Redesigning Social Inquiry.

Successive versions of QCA and fsQCA have been developed by Charles Ragin and Sean Davey. Thanks go to Andreas Corcaci for pinpointing several bugs in version 4.0.