Informal Online Communication Networks:

I am currently working on a project related to use of online social media technologies in disaster or hazard situations. This project looks at the conversation dynamics and structure of communication networks pre and post event. It also explores the content and structure of information exchanges.

For more information see: HEROIC.

Scalable Methods for Network-Based Data

I have been working as part of an interdisciplinary research project funded by an ONR Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative. This project is focused on developing new and innovative methods for analysis of large complex network data sets, focusing in particular on scalable algorithms for statistical analysis for social network data. Team members include sociologists, statisticians, and computer scientists.

For more information see MURI.


Another project that I am currently working on considers the stratification of friendship ties on Facebook. In this project we look at the structure of ties between individuals top ranked U.S. universities.

We are also looking at how privacy awareness and behaviors related to the context in which individuals negotiate their online profiles.

Katrina Brokerage Analysis:

Previous research involved an analysis of brokerage roles in the wake of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster. I also worked with Ryan Acton and Dr. Carter Butts to extend the traditional measure of brokerage into a dynamic context to explore the process of brokerage as it unfolds during the response period.

Other Research Interests:

I have continued interest in the following research topics:

  • social network analysis
  • mathematical sociology
  • online social networks and data collection
  • network comparison
  • organizational networks
  • computer-mediated communication technologies
  • disaster response and preparedness