Things of various kinds

Creative things

I tend to create things - lately fiction writings, edible things, and wearable things.

A reasonable selection of fiction writing things are here. I'm quite fond of fictional villains, oh yes I am.

An example of the edible things is here. Mmmm, tasty.

For the wearable things, you'll just have to trust me on it (or keep an eye out for the scarves, socks, and long skirts I wear).

Musical things

I also have a musical streak. You can often find me singing in choir, noodling around on the piano, and playing hand drums (both African (djembe) and Middle Eastern (doumbek)).

Evidence of previous delightful drummings with the super-awesome group Wassomba can be found here, here, and here, while evidence of previous delightful drummings with Rhythms of the Desert can be found here and here. For more fabulous drumming in Orange County, check out Orange County Ethnic Percussion on facebook.

I also used to do competitive ballroom dancing when I was at UMaryland, which was ridiculous amounts of fun. Because really, who doesn't love to wear fabulous dresses, while either sauntering around sassily to latin rhythms or swaying gracefully to smooth music?

Boys, girls, and kitten things

I deeply love my wondrous, phenomenal girl Lindy, and my brilliant, bold, and beautiful triplets William, Ellen, and Iona. In my completely biased opinion, they are the best little sweethearts ever. They sure are.

I also deeply loved my beautiful, brilliant, so-very-silly former boy Joseph. He possessed computational wizardry, piratical villainy, and an abiding love of penguins.

And I also deeply love my beautiful, fuzzy, extremely naughty KOUSes (Kittens of Unusual Size). My kittens Finn and Kell are total kitty bros, who are nigh inseparable. My former kitty Sedavion looked like a villainous mastermind and yet was mostly an adorable pushover. My former kitty Elusa was wee but scrappy.